The University of New South Wales Kendo Club

UNSW Kendo Club is part of the growing sport of kendo in the Sydney area. We are a club that prides itself on honour and fairness and are always on the look out for new recruits. If you would like to know more please Contact Us.

The Founders Cup competition was held on Sunday, and UNSW had quite a successful event, taking medals in most of the events.

Dan Team
2nd - UNSW Kendo Club (Chen Qi Feng, Jackson Yoon, Kirby Smith, Dino Zafirakos and Michael Henstock)

Dan Kata
2nd - UNSW Kendo Club (Dino Zafirakos and Michael Henstock)

Kyu Kata
1st - UNSW Kendo Club (Sussan Deng and Elaine Chan)

Special Awards
* Geurillot Sensei Spirit of Kendo Award - Michael Henstock

Unfortunately our Kyu team and Womens team were unable to make it out of their pools.

Kyu Team: Jalford Wang, Elaine Chan, Ephragm Del Prado, Natalia Laban and Phil Uzunovski

Womens Team: Elaine Chan, Natalia Laban and Sussan Deng
Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed their grading on Saturday. Quite a few people were able to jump grades as well which is a great result.

3rd Dan
Michael Henstock

2nd Dan
Kenji Hashimoto
Andrew Tan
Kostadino Zafirakos

1st Dan
Natalia Laban
John Daniel Watts

3rd Kyu
Hugh Douglas Dircks

4th Kyu
Mark Bakker
Lei Na Lu
Prasannah Prabhakharan
Jalford Wang

5th Kyu
Iris Chan
Danny Chee
Roy Kwan
Randen Seow
David Wang
Zhi-Fan Zhang

6th Kyu
Patrick Mak