The University of New South Wales Kendo Club

UNSW Kendo Club is part of the growing sport of kendo in the Sydney area. We are a club that prides itself on honour and fairness and are always on the look out for new recruits. If you would like to know more please Contact Us.

For everyone wishing to compete in the 11th Dae Han Moo Do Kwan Competition, please contact Dino as soon as possible (and pay him at training).
Congratulations to everyone who came along to the 9th Kumdo competition.
Chen Qi Feng took 2nd place in the Dan Individuals
Kyu team 2nd place (Duy, Nurlin, Dino, Elaine and Ephram)
Anna Cho took 3rd place in the womens event
Nurlin took 2nd place in the womens event
Elaine received the fighting spirit award

An all round successful event for UNSW
Results of the AGM on 28/04/06:
President: Dino Zafirakos
Vice President: Cecilija Vaselek (will become president when Dino leaves in September)
Treasurer: Gideon Lawrence
Secretary: Sussan Deng
Armourer: Duy Pham
Social Director: Elaine Chan
SA Delegate: Nurlin Amirudin
Webmaster: Michael Henstock