The University of New South Wales Kendo Club

UNSW Kendo Club is part of the growing sport of kendo in the Sydney area. We are a club that prides itself on honour and fairness and are always on the look out for new recruits. If you would like to know more please Contact Us.

Note for new beginners!
The next beginners course will begin on the 14th of march.

Beginners courses will continue throughout this year, starting in the middle of the month, instead of starting on the first wednesday
Congratulations to all the people who successfully graded over the weekend down at picton.
1st Dan
Adam Lee (UNSW)

1st Kyu
Elaine Yee-Ning Chan (UNSW)
Ephragm Del Prado (UNSW)
Sussan Deng (UNSW)
Edwin Lee (UNSW)
Phillip Uzunovski (UNSW)

3rd Kyu
Ferianto Liem (UNSW)
Ngoc Duy Pham (UNSW)
Thao Uyen Vuong Hoang (UNSW)
Mathew Jones (UNSW)

4th Kyu
Anna Cho (UNSW)

5th Kyu
Lei Na Lu (UNSW)
Victor Li (UNSW)
Mark Bakker (UNSW)

6th Kyu
Prasannah Prabhakharan (UNSW)
Jalford Wang (UNSW)
Helmut Yu (UNSW)